Michelin Rolls Out Three New Ag Tires

Sept. 2, 2022

Michelin North America Inc. has rolled out three new ag tires - the Michelin Agribib 2, the Michelin Spraybib CFO and the Michelin TrailXBib.

The Agribib 2 is an improved version of Michelin's most popular ag tire and delivers up to 18% higher load carrying capacity than its predecessors, according to Michelin officials. It features an optimized rubber and tread design "to fight tire stubble, as well as an enhanced self-cleaning hinge for maximum pulling power in wet conditions."

David Graden, agricultural global account manager for Michelin says the Agribib 2 "improves upon the well-regarded and trusted Agribib line, as it is a signficant improvement to Michelin's best-selling agricultural tire. We have seven more key sizes launching in September, with an additional six key sizes launching at the end of 2022 - almost completing the transition from the Agribib series to the Agribib 2."

The Spraybib CFO is the latest addition to the company's Spraybib line and is available in size 380/90R46. It offers an increased load carrying capacity of up to 14% for cyclic field operations, allowing added axle loads of up to 1.3 tons, depending on tire size. "It also is central tire inflation system (CTIS)-ready," say Michelin officials.

"The new Spraybib CFO can operate as  low as 12 psi in the field and up to 43 mph on the road."

"The lower pressure helps to deliver traction and horsepower to the ground, while minimizing soil compaction and maximizing flotation," says Graden. "On the road, higher pressures help to navigate quickly and safely, while optimizing tire wear and fuel consumption."

Michelin plans to add more sizes to the tire, including the popular 420/95R50 size.

The new Michelin TrailXBib uses the company's Ultraflex Technology for low soil compaction and high load carrying capacity. The steel-belted product is designed for spreaders, tankers, hay bailers, planters and field cultivators.

"It also features exceptional clean-out due to the directional lug and tread design, as well as being CTIS-compatible."

Graden notes that the TrailXBib lets farmers "easily adjust trailed equipment pressure with remote inflation systems in real-time" for reduced soil compaction and other benefits.

The three tires were displayed during the recent Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa.