Maxam Adds to MS915 OTR Tire Series

April 7, 2022

Maxam Tire North America has added size 370/75-28 and 400/75-28 tires to its MS915 OTR tire series.

The sizes "can now deliver the reliability and durability to match the demands of evolved equipment," according to Maxam officials.

"Exhibiting a versatile, deep, non-directional tread pattern built for traction, the MS915 increases productivity on all sites, while the wide and flat footprint delivers maximum stability and wear."

Tires in the series also feature a wear- and cut-resistant compound for enhanced traction and toughness.

They are "a strong solution for telehandlers and graders, delivering value-added results to construction sites around the world," notes Matthew Fagan, director of research and development at Maxam.