Michelin Launches X One Line Energy D2 Wide-Base Tire

March 8, 2022

Michelin North America Inc. has introduced the latest addition to its X One wide-base line, the Michelin X One Line Energy D2, which is available in size 445/50R22.5.

The SmartWay-verified tire features a compact design that "produces less tread squirm and provides energy efficiency," say Michelin officials.

Its "ultra-rolling resistance levels are designed to exceed Greenhouse Gas Phase 2 and California Air Resources Board requirements for reduced carbon output."

The Michelin X One Line Energy D2 also contains Michelin's Regenion evolving tread design, which gives it "the stability in all weather conditions for North American operations. Straight, pass-through grooves have features that appear as the tire wears, helping give traction throughout the life of the tire."

A rectangular bead "minimizes fatigue to extend casing life, which is designed for maximum retreadability."

Available now, the Michelin X One Line Energy D2 replaces the Michelin X One Line Energy D. It comes with the Michelin X One Tire Total Satisfaction Guarantee.