Pre-Q Galgo Adds 12 Designs to Extreme Tread Lineup

Dec. 6, 2021

Pre-Q Galgo Corp. announced an extension of its extreme tread line that includes the addition of 12 designs that, the company said, were lab-tested down to 80 below and received Three-Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) certification.

The WMP [Winter Mileage Performance] 27.5/32 tread was the first and is now one of 13 Extreme tread designs offered by the Pre-Q Galgo.

The new Extreme tread designs are; AD (Aggressive Drive) On/Off-Road 26.5/32, ADT (Aggressive Drive Traction) On/Off-Road 28 & 30/32, APR (All Position Regional) 20/32, DRD (Regional Drive-Deep) 26.5 & 28/32, ETW (Extreme Traction Wide) 28 & 30/32, LDP (Long Distance Drive Plus) 26/32, LDT (Light Aggressive Traction) On/Off-Road 21.5/32, LHT (Long Haul Traction) 26/32, LRD (Regional Drive Light) 21.5/32, NRD (Nordic) 25/32, STC (Trailer Construction) 18/32, and WHL (Waste Hauler Lug) 26, 28 & 32/32.

“We have been manufacturing high-quality precured treads and retreading materials since 1952," says Eduardo Nava, vice president, Pre-Q Galgo. "This extreme tread line extension further exemplifies our fierce commitment to providing our customers with the most advanced precured treads available.”