Maxam Adds Two Key Sizes to MS708 OTR Tire

Sept. 17, 2021

Maxam Tire North America has added two sizes, 30/75-29 and 18.00-25, to its Maxam MS708 line, which is "constantly evolving for wheel loaders operating in the most severe waste, recycling and underground mining applications," according to company officials.

The 18.00-25 size is designed for underground mining, while the 30/75-29 size has been engineered for heavy loader applications.

The MS708 features a "low-durometer center compound, combined with patented, 'Double D' apertures" for an enhanced ride.

The tire also sports "an innovative, high-traction and wearable tread pattern with 50% tread rubber. The MS708 delivers the deepest wearable tread in the market.

"Manufactured using technologically advanced equipment and proprietary building and curing processes, the MS708 is made to perform," say Maxam officiais.

The process "eliminates tread separations and delamination defects for extended wear rates."