TIA Boosts Training Efforts With App

March 22, 2021

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) is partnering with a mobile training platform to deliver TIA-approved training in daily, five-minute sessions. The goal is to increase knowledge retention for technicians who have completed a TIA 200- or 300-level course.

TIA will utilize the platform offered by Today's Class. The platform uses artificial intelligence to identify and eliminate learning gaps by offering the short daily sessions. There's also a dashboard with data that shows real-time views of current competencies and offers custom reports.

“There’s a synergy between TIA and Today’s Class in that their app is a natural extension of the industry-leading training that TIA has offered for almost 25 years,” said Christine Hoogenboom, TIA’s director of training.  “We want techs to walk away from a TIA class with the knowledge and confidence to safely do their job. Today’s Class platform reinforces that knowledge in an engaging and effective way, significantly increasing techs’ retention levels. We’re excited to introduce this to our members and to the industry.”

The initial TIA offering will focus on Commercial Tire Service (CTS) training, specifically supporting wheels, tires, RIST (remove, inspect, snug and torque), jacking/lifting and mount/demount.  Additional content covering Automotive Tire Service (ATS) training is planned for incremental release over the course of 2021.

“We are proud to partner with TIA in support of its ongoing commitment to technician training,” said Ron Shanas, vice president of strategic planning for Today’s Class. “As transport technology relentlessly evolves, investment in technician training and development is increasingly critical. Today’s Class exists to uniquely meet this need.”

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