ZC Rubber Adds 2 Arisun Truck Tires

Nov. 4, 2020

Zhongce Rubber Group Co. Ltd. (ZC Rubber) is bringing two new truck tires to the North American market under its Arisun brand.

The Arisun AS600+ is designed for long haul applications and the Arisun AZ692 is made for mixed service use. ZC Rubber says among the tires' benefits are longer mileage, proficient handling and fuel efficiency. The company introduced the tires as part of the Specialty Equipment Market Association's SEMA360 event.

"We have worked closely with top universities in China to develop new design theories and the new products have made huge improvements in tire performance," the company said.

The Arisun AS600+ is designed for the steering and trailer axles on trucks as well as universal use on buses in long haul applications. The tire's wide tread profile promotes stability while providing precise handling performance in all weather conditions. The four straight grooves provide fuel efficiency and drainage ability while its side decoupling groove prevents uneven wear.

The Arisun AZ692 is an all-position truck tire for mixed service, featuring a wide tread design and zigzag grooves. The tire is engineered to be stable and durable while providing top notch traction and braking. Stone ejectors prevent sharp stones from lodging in grooves and penetrating the tire structure.

Both the AS600+ and AZ692 will be warranted through three retreads for seven years. For other Arisun truck tires, ZC Rubber extended the warranty up to six years with two retreads.

ZC Rubber says these new truck tires showcase the company's focus on high-end products. “As our growth continues in the years ahead, we look forward to soon expanding (our) commercial truck segment further and build a strong presence in North America.”

The Arisun AZ692 is an all-position truck tire for mixed service.

For more information, visit www.arisuntires.com.