Ironman Brand Expands with I-Series Gen 2

Oct. 27, 2023

American Tire Distributors Inc. (ATD) has expanded its Ironman brand with commercial truck tires, the Ironman I-Series Gen 2.

This new line is set to replace the current Ironman I-Series medium truck tire line. 

“We’re thrilled to roll out this new generation of truck tires and to continue providing our customers with quality, dependable products at an affordable price nationwide,” says Marshall Gillespie, director of commercial and specialty proprietary brands for ATD’s Hercules brand.

“As we continue to navigate a changing landscape in the trucking industry, characterized by the expanding influence and last-mile delivery, it is paramount that we evolve our product line to meet these demands of a changing industry. The I-Series Gen 2 gives operators the confidence to maximize uptime and manage tire costs.”

The new models will roll out in two phases, with the remaining four models set to launch in mid-2024.

The four tires made available immediately include Ironman Gen 2 I-19A All-Positions M+S; Ironman Gen 2 I-37D Open Should Drive Regional/Urban M+S; Ironman Gen 2 I-48T Long Haul Trailer; and Ironman Gen 2 I-61S Long Haul Steer.

The I-19A All-Positions M+S tire is available in 12 sizes and is ideal for high-scrub, stop-and-go regional and local routes.

The I-37D Open Shoulder Drive Regional/Urban M+S is available in six sizes and features a curb guard, wider tread width and enhanced durable compound.

The I-48T Long Haul Trailer and the I-61S Long Haul Steer are available in four sizes and offer better mileage than its predecessor, according to officials.

ATD officials say the Ironman I-Series Gen 2 line allows customers to drive with peace of mind and comes with a 72-month limited protection policy, casing allowance for two retreads and free replacement options during the first 50% of tread life.  

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