CMA/Double Coin Launches Dealer Portal

May 2, 2024

CMA LLC/Double Coin has launched its dealer portal for streamlined processes, real-time information and navigation tools for CMA/Double Coin customers.  

The new portal includes intuitive navigation with a user-friendly interface ensuring customers can easily navigate and complete tasks.  

Another feature is the order management option that allows the tire dealer to place orders through their portal, track their progress and view the order/invoice history.  

“We are confident the new portal will streamline customer’s operations, save time and ultimately contribute to their business growth,” says Aaron Murphy, senior vice president at CMA/Double Coin.  

“Customers can access information 24 hours a day. This platform is the latest in a long list of services that show how we value our customer partnerships." 

Other features of the portal include real-time inventory searches with the most up-to-date tire inventory status; order entry for building warehouse loads; product information thumbnails and photos; the ability to download customer-specific transaction data; and more.