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Survey: April 24th - 28th

My dealership does the following:

As of today, by what percentage are your total gross revenues down since the escalation of the global coronavirus pandemic in late-February?

In which of these areas have you experienced a decrease in gross revenues?

What measures are you taking inside (and around) your stores to help ensure the safety of both your employees and customers?

What proactive actions have you been taking to minimize financial damage, if any?

How are you communicating your dealership’s coronavirus response policy to customers?

What governmental relief programs are you currently using / pursuing, if any?

Have workforce members been furloughed and/or laid off as a result of the virus?

If so, by what percent has your total workforce been furloughed or laid off as a result of the virus?

Are you expecting to see a further decrease in gross revenues from your current levels in the upcoming weeks?

Have you been experiencing any delivery issues from your suppliers?

In which U.S. state is your operation located?

In which geographic area would you consider your dealership primarily located (or most of your locations if multi-location dealer)?