Alligator TPMS Sensors Cover Dodge Ram HD Pickups

Dec. 6, 2021

Wegmann Automotive USA Inc. has announced that its Alligator RS universal TPMS sensors now cover the 2014-2021 Dodge Ram HD Pickups (2500 and 3500). 

Wegmann says the trucks are part of a growing number of Chrysler vehicles with advanced auto-learning technology. The tire-pressure sensors work with the braking system to automatically locate and store new sensor IDs quickly, so the driving time can be reduced after installing new parts, the company says. 

The sensors can also be used on the rear inner wheels on Ram 3500 dually trucks. Wegmann says the rear inner sensors send a special signal to the ECU that indicates they're on the inside, so those wheels cannot be rotated to the outer locations. 

If no scan tool is available for manual sensor ID registration, then park the truck for 20 minutes, then drive it until the pressures for the new tires show up on the display.

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