Vredestein Hypertrac Is Specifically Designed for North America

April 29, 2020

The new Vredestein Hypertrac all-season ultra-high performance tire is the first in a series of new Vredestein tire lines that have been specifically engineered for the North American market and will be introduced throughout 2020.

Available in 38 sizes, the Hypertrac provides "market-leading wet performance," according to Vredestein officials, thanks to its contour, which has been designed for dynamic pressure distribution and an optimized footprint, plus faster water evacuation due to its high-void tread pattern and optimized groove positions.

The tire's construction features a polymer blend ratio tuned for optimal wet grip; a highly engineered tire structure, molded into a dynamic tread pack, providing "excellent balance for precise driving in the most demanding wet and dry conditions;" and an advanced tread pattern with wider outer shoulders to help deliver superior cornering response.

In addition, the Hypertrac features a breakthrough compound that uses "unique resins that help deliver the optimal performance drivers seek from tires in this category."

It comes with a 100-day free trial period and a 50,000-mile warranty.

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