NGK Unveils High Ignitability Spark Plug Line

Nov. 15, 2018

The new NGK Ruthenium HX spark plug line from NGK Spark Plugs (U.S.A) Inc. consists of 25 part numbers covering over 200 million vehicles currently in operation.

Using patented precious metal Ruthenium technology, the new NGK Ruthenium HX offers higher ignitability, enhanced oxidation resistance and increased durability for today’s modern engines, according to the company.

Currently, high ignitability designs make up 52% of the OE product mix for 2005 to 2018 model year vehicles, a number which is expected to reach 60% by 2020.

With two times the service life of the NGK Iridium IX and four times the service life of nickel spark plugs, the NGK Ruthenium HX provides maximum durability for even the most strenuous engine applications, according to the company.