Forward Lift Introduces a Heavy-Duty Two-Post Lift

June 23, 2016

Forward Lift’s new heavy-duty F12 two-post lift is a 12,000 lb. capacity two-post lift designed to service a wide range of vehicles.

The company says the competitively priced Forward Lift F12 two-post lift has two-stage front and rear arms equipped with low-profile 4.75-inch oversized rubber-pad swivel adapters.

Combined with the standard extra height extensions (3.5 and 5 inches), the arms can reach the recommended pickup points of most cars, light trucks and vans on the road today.

The lift can be configured for multiple drive-through clearances including two widths and four heights to meet any shop’s needs. The company says the new lift has been third-party tested and certified by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI).