Mahle Unveils New A/C Service Unit for R1234yf Vehicles

June 15, 2017

The new ArcticPro ACX1250 air conditioning (A/C) service unit by Mahle Aftermarket Inc.’s Service Solutions division is designed to economically service R1234yf vehicles.

Mahle says the ArcticPro ACX1250 provides a cost-effective, efficient and safe method for aftermarket shops to service R1234yf vehicles that will soon come off warranty.

The ACX1250 is designed to increase technician productivity due to its fully-automatic program to recover, vacuum, leak test, and charge without command for ease of operation.

An external refrigerant identifier minimizes costly refrigerant cross contamination risks. The ACX1250 is designed to recover more than 95% of automobile A/C system refrigerant.