K Tool International Has New 19.2V Cordless Grease Gun

Dec. 13, 2017

The new 19.2V cordless grease gun (part #KTI73970) from K Tool International (KTI) meets KTI heavyweight quality standards delivering up to 3-ounces per minute and can handle up to six grease cartridges on a single charge. 

There are three loading options:  bulk, 14oz. cartridge or suction fill.  It comes with two 1.5Ah lithium-ion 19.2V battery packs and 110V AC one- hour quick charger. 

Also included is a 30-inch high pressure grease hose and quick lock coupler. The quick lock coupler allows for one-hand operation as it quickly locks and unlocks over any conventional 1/8-inch NPT (national pipe tape) grease fitting.  The cordless grease gun is designed to also work with Ni Cd 18.5V batteries.