TCS launches mobile retail websites

Feb. 22, 2012

Tire Company Solutions (TCS) Technologies, software and technology provider for the tire, automotive, and retread industry, has launched mobile versions of their client’s retail websites and web applications.

The mobile sites allow easy access to the dealer’s website from a smartphone or tablet device. They also incorporate the main site’s content, yet emphasize the “go to” features consumers are accessing when surfing from their smartphone.

TCS says it produced the mobile sites after research uncovered large numbers of tire and service consumers regularly use a mobile device to research local information about dealers, discount/savings opportunities and tire and service information in general.

“We have closely watched the rapid growth of smartphone users accessing our dealer’s websites,” says Marek Cerny, TCS’s product manager of retail web applications. “On average 13% of visits to our retail tire and service websites are coming from a mobile device, with many sites topping out at 20-24%.”

TCS says its mobile optimized sites are automated, yet give the dealer control over the content presented on the mobile version of their website. Dealers were asking for control to be able to present special marketing messages to consumers like, “Use your mobile device to present one of the savings listed below.”

However, they also wanted the content from the website to auto-populate to their mobile optimized site. TCS mobile sites provide both automated and dealer generated content delivery to each smartphone friendly web page.

To access one of the TCS mobile optimized sites, visit from a smartphone or tablet. For additional information visit