ASA teams up with ClearMechanic

June 27, 2012

ASA Automotive Systems and ClearMechanic have teamed up to deliver mobile applications, expert illustration content and Web-based tools that will help auto repair centers overcome the challenge of earning a car owner’s trust, and in turn close more complex automotive repair sales.

ClearMechanic is a developer of automotive repair visual explanation technology. With the integration of ASA software and ClearMechanic, auto technicians now have the tools to visually explain repair recommendations with real-time photos, videos and expert illustrations. 

Technicians can attach photos of the necessary repair on a customer’s vehicle and associate it with expert illustrations, along with the explanation of why the work is needed, and electronically communicate the information to the customer via email.

All images and illustrations are stored in ASA’s database for future reference, making subsequent follow up on declined services even easier, says ASA.  Repair centers can send customer reminders with the images associated with the declined service, along with the work estimate. 

Car owners are more likely to trust and approve repair recommendations when visual evidence is provided, reports ASA. ClearMechanic has documented a 20% to 40% increase in success on additional service recommendations when customers are shown photos of their defective vehicle parts.

“Adding this functionality to ASA’s software brings the ‘wow’ factor to auto repair,” says Ken Halle, president of ASA Automotive Systems.  “The trust and confidence repair shops are able to build with their customers by showing photos and video of problem areas is invaluable, with email or text and with close to 50% of the cell phone users now having smartphones, auto repair shops can communicate with their customers on their mobile devices.”

"One of the top consumer frustrations in the car repair process is being presented with unexpected repair recommendations, particularly complex or expensive ones," says Brad Simmons, CEO of ClearMechanic. "Explaining these recommendations with real-time, visual proof is essential to restoring trust between consumers and technicians."

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