Centric Parts Invites Technicians to Try Premium Brake Pads for Free

April 2, 2019

Centric Parts is offering technicians a chance to try the next-generation PQ Pro brake pads for free in its “Experience the Best” promotion, which runs April 1 to May 31, 2019.

The primary objective of the promotion is to give shops a chance to try Centric Parts’ newest and most advanced brake pads, according to Ken Selinger, vice president of product management.

“We felt the best way to do that is to put a free set of PQ PRO pads in their hands so they can see what our innovative and advanced friction can really do and help them drive their brake business forward.”

Selinger says PQ Pro brake pads address key service issues that plague the brake service business today, such as brake fade, weak braking response, excessive noise and time consuming break-in procedures.

The PQ Pro promotion is open to all qualified professional automotive technicians.

To participate, technicians need to register and sign up on the PQ PRO ‘Experience the Best’ promotion’s website at: www.APCautotech.com/pq-pro-experience.

Participants will be required to identify the top three vehicles that their shop services most frequently. Centric Parts will select one of the vehicles and send the technician a matching, applicated set of PQ Pro pads, free of charge beginning in early June.

Says Selinger: “Centric Parts has combined its legendary friction development capabilities with cutting edge technological enhancements to create a premium brake pad solution that offers comprehensive, value-driven solutions to technicians while providing confidence and peace-of-mind to drivers. Since launch, we’ve seen great momentum and results at the installer level.”

No break-in period

The company says PQ Pro brake pads have been designed to outperform the competition, have application coverage for over 900 SKUs, and do not require any break-in, meaning less time is spent on each brake job.

In addition, PQ Pro pads feature an exclusive Mu500 coating for immediate stopping power and do not produce dust or noise, resulting in fewer come backs.

PQ Pro brake pads are compatible with coated and uncoated rotors and have been engineered to match or exceed original performance specifications.

Each set of PQ Pro brake pads also features the Centric Parts’ one-year assured roadside assistance guarantee, which offers consumers one year of roadside assistance service up to a cost of $100.

In addition to receiving a free set of PQ Pro brake pads, technicians who complete a pre/post trial feedback will be entered to win a $100 e-gift card to the Centric Parts online apparel and promotional store.

About Centric Parts

Centric Parts is a division of division of APC Automotive Technologies LLC.  Centric Parts is a North American manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket brake and chassis components for passenger vehicles, light and medium duty trucks, fleet vehicles, high performance vehicles, and race cars. Centric products are marketed under the Centric, C-Tek, PosiQuiet, StopTech, PQ Pro, Tactical and Fleet Performance brands.

For more information, visit www.CentricParts.com.