E-Cube Outfits a Vehicle for Mobile Tire Service

Nov. 8, 2019

The E-Cube compact mobile tire servicing unit is just one of the featured products in Gaither Tool Co. Inc.’s booth at the 2019 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show.  

Willam Brahler, Gaither Tool’s operation manager, previewed the E-Cube, along with the Bead Bazooka tire bead seater and the new Moore Safe bottle jack, for Modern Tire Dealer.

E-Cube Mobile Tire Changer

The E-Cube is Gaither Tool’s entry into the mobile tire service space. “We’re creating a platform where service providers can very easily outfit a vehicle for mobile service,” says Brahler.

The E-Cube can service low profile and run-flat tires and accommodate wheel diameters up to 38 inches. “That’s the entire assembly,” notes Brahler.

The E-Cube is an all-in-one system that includes a tire changer, wheel balancer, silent air compressor and lithium ion battery bank. Brahler says the battery bank is the same type in electric cars.

All the equipment occupies a footprint that can easily be installed in a van or trailer.

“The big draw is the E-Cube’s actual size. Having all that equipment in one place allows techs to do more work in less time,” says Brahler.

Because of the E-Cube’s small footprint, mobile techs can bring more inventory as well as other revenue generating equipment, such as oil changes or car washes, with them.

“That’s important because to make the concept of mobile service viable, you have to have enough equipment and inventory to offer enough services to make it a profitable exchange for the investment in the vehicles,” says Brahler.

Bead Bazooka

Also on display is the company’s tire bead seater, Bead Bazooka. The tool’s trigger release is unique, according to Brahler. “After a few years off the market, the Bead Bazooka is back in North America. It’s one of most popular items. It makes seating the bead on a difficult tire very easy.”

In addition, the Bead Bazooka is about half as big and half as heavy as comparable products on the market, according to Brahler.

Moore Safe Bottle Jack

Brahler says the Moore Safe bottle jack is a safer alternative to traditional bottle jacks. “It’s a normal bottle jack. The heads that connect to the lifting load are shaped so they can be swapped out to accommodate different vehicles.”

The swappable components make the Moore Safe bottle jack unique. No tools are required change the heads.

“It’s a much safer alternative. The standard bottle jack is a small disc which is easier to slip off the lifting point, which could damage the vehicle or injure the technician.”

The product is named after its inventor, Jason Moore.

“That’s our competitive edge,” says Brahler. “A lot of inventors pitch products to us. If we think there’s a viable option, we’ll bring it to market.”