Mahle Adds Behr Hella Service Products to Portfolio

Dec. 3, 2019

Mahle Group’s acquisition of Behr Hella Service GmbH (BHS) is set to be completed on Jan. 1, 2020. The transaction will add BHS brand thermal management products to the Mahle Aftermarket portfolio

Mahle says the transfer enables BHS customers to order the complete catalog of Mahle Aftermarket components, and it will give Mahle customers access to a broad portfolio of thermal management products for passenger cars and trucks, as well as agricultural vehicles and construction machines.

Going forward, products will be offered under the Behr sales brand and new products will be introduced on an ongoing basis.

“The response we received from customers at AAPEX (Automotive Aftermarket Product Expo) was extremely positive,” said Jon Douglas, president, Mahle Aftermarket North America. “They appreciate that they will have access to a broad, continuously growing thermal management product line for conventional and electrically powered vehicles.”

Mahle says the acquisition also enables it to provide customers with strategic support for the increasingly important market of e-mobility. The company says thermal management is a critical requisite for the reliable operation of electrically powered vehicles as it significantly influences efficiency and thus supports CO2 reduction and cleanliness.

“We are meeting with our aftermarket partners to communicate the integration and what it means for them,” said Douglas. “With the increasing numbers of electric vehicles on the road, there will be challenges and opportunities for the automotive aftermarket. Mahle can now help our customers serve this growing market with expert support, quality replacement components, and technical training.” 

Current customers of BHS can order the products using existing part numbers, even after Jan. 1, 2020. The part numbers will remain in place throughout a transition period, while Mahle part numbers are implemented in parallel.

Mahle Group established a joint venture with BHS in 2005. BHS specializes in the marketing and distribution of products for cooling and air conditioning in the automotive aftermarket.

Mahle announced that it would acquire BHS’s share in the joint venture in August 2018. With the complete takeover of business activities, Mahle will offer wholesalers and workshops the full spectrum of thermal management products from a single source in future.

Mahle Aftermarket is a business unit specializing in spare parts, uses the expertise from the series production of original equipment in its automotive aftermarket product range and supplies trade, workshop, and engine repair partners. The portfolio also includes products developed by Mahle Service Solutions for workshop equipment as well as comprehensive services and customized training programs.

Mahle Aftermarket is represented at 25 locations and other sales offices worldwide, with around 1,700 employees.