Automotive aftermarket online sales could double

March 9, 2015

The Auto Care Association's first E-Tailing Insights is available, with details on the expanding trend of online purchasing, the fastest-growing retail sector in the auto care industry.

The E-Tailing Insights series combines research perspectives on the critical online purchasing trends in the auto care industry and highlights specific opportunities for auto care companies to tap into wider markets. The inaugural issue features commentary by Ioana Mazare, automotive marketing manager for UPS.

Some industry experts expect aftermarket e-tailing to double in size by 2018. Already it accounts for more than $6 billion, or 6%, of automotive aftermarket sales, Mazare says.

"This online growth will dramatically outperform brick-and-mortar automotive aftermarket sales, which are flat. That means that auto care companies need to go online and do so quickly to stay competitive and grow," says Mazare.

“E-Tailing Insights is the first installment in the new brand of market intelligence briefs, Auto Care Insights, research collaborations between the association and partner organizations, diving deeper into hot market intelligence topics in the industry,” says Behzad Rassuli, vice president of market intelligence for the Auto Care Association.

The E-Tailing Insights brief includes information from the Auto Care Associations's E-Tailing in the Automotive Aftermarket report. The E-Tailing in the Automotive Aftermarket full report provides a comprehensive analysis of the e-tailing channel based upon a triangulated analysis of pre-existing studies, existing data, consumer and installer surveys, and in-depth interviews (IDIs) within the auto care industry. It serves as the foundation for the association to provide a unified estimate of online sales within the aftermarket.

In addition to the full report, the research also is available in four modules: Executive Summary, Market Size and Growth, Repair Shop/Installer Survey Results and Consumer/Vehicle Owner Survey Results.  E-Tailing Insights is available at For more information, contact the Auto Care Association at 301-654-6664.