TCi reveals T3 Prime customer loyalty program

April 6, 2015

Tire Centers LLC (TCi) reports its new technology program called T3 Prime is focused on consumer retention and loyalty and helps independent tire dealers compete in a competitive marketplace.

 “In a recent dealer survey conducted by TCi, the top dealer concern was customer retention and loyalty,” says Vickie Johnson, director of retail marketing for TCi. “As we analyzed dealers’ challenges, we found a void for a true solution available to independent dealers to help them in this area.”

Scott Patterson, T3 Prime program manager, says while there are several service providers offering platforms to address customer retention, “None of the solutions in the marketplace seemed to reach consumers via multiple touch points, with a customized approach by dealer. They were very much two-dimensional, so we’ve worked with several vendors to develop a unique, integrated solution that is very customizable.” 

T3 Prime is a full suite of solutions designed to help dealers improve both consumer retention and loyalty, says TCi. The program helps dealers enhance the overall consumer retail experience.

It begins with mystery shopping, customer satisfaction calls, and customer satisfaction emails to benchmark performance and establish training needs.

To help dealers increase consumer engagement, T3 Prime provides dealers with their own branded, point-of-sale integrated, mobile app for consumer scheduling, recall news, service notifications and specials. Email service reminders are also unlimited within T3 Prime. 

In addition to reporting on the marketing services provided through T3 Prime, benchmarking of sales, service analytics and market share analysis also are included.

“We are passionate about the success of our independent dealer network and are confident T3 Prime and our other innovative solutions can contribute to their overall growth,” says Patterson. “Helping our dealers compete and thrive is our goal.”

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