Hennessy unveils tiltback tire changer

May 22, 2015

Hennessy Industries Inc.’s new Coats brand tiltback tire changers are now available in the U.S. market. The company’s new GTS Series has three tiltback models, the GTS-70, GTS-60, and GTS-50, for servicing tires from 6 to 24 inches in diameter.

We are very excited to unveil the GTS Series tiltback tire changers in the United States,” says Kevin Keefe, Hennessy Industries’ vice president of service and sales support. “Typically this type of machine is favored in in markets outside of the U.S., but we have seen the demand for it here and have designed a concept that our stateside customers have been requesting.”

The two-speed electric motor is standard on all models and an integrated air reservoir is standard on the GTS-70 and GTS-60 models. The two-speed electric motor has a rotating speed of 10 and 20 CW / 10 CCW. The base speed is beneficial for difficult tire assemblies, while the high speed is beneficial for everyday assemblies, according to Hennessy. The two-speed electric motor provides total control with the option to maximize shop efficiency based on application difficulty.

The GTS-70 and GTS-60 models are equipped with a powered roller disk for bead loosening, TPMS access, bottom bead removal and top bead mounting. The GTS-70 will also feature the company’s Robo-Assist tool, which is an articulating assist arm that provides direct pressure on the tire sidewall to create a bead lock, keeping the bead in the drop center during the tire mounting process.

Hennessy says the GTS tire changers also offer the following four features.

1. Grip Max Plus Clamps. These Coats exclusive, built-in protective inserts provide rim protection. With no separate plastic covers to be lost or forgotten, the Grip Max Plus Clamps offer 100% constant protection and twice the slip resistance than traditional clamps, according to the company.

2. Single Point Sealer. This Coats exclusive, single point sealer concentrates air flow to seal the bead more efficiently. Hennessy says it eliminates the maintenance of broken air lines, reducing the cost of ownership and potential down time.

3. Bead Loosener – Hand Actuated. The bead loosener offers point of use controls to the technician, providing a direct line of site, reducing the risk of wheel damage. The complete power in, power out and stop control design eliminates cylinder travel time, with the shovel moving only as much as required, increasing productivity.

4. Coats Duckhead Mount/Demount Tool.  All models in the GTS Series come with the metal duckhead. The GTS70 model also comes with the plastic duckhead.

“The great thing about this tire changer series, aside from its tiltback capabilities, is that it is upgradeable. So the machine can grow with you as the needs of your shop grow,” says Keefe.

As with all Coats machines, the GTS Series tire changers are backed by a factory authorized service network that includes factory installation and training of the machine.

For more information about the Coats GTS Series tire changers and other products, visit www.ammcoats.com.