Myers now offers TPMS sensors

Jan. 13, 2011

Myers Tire Supply Distribution Inc. is now offering programmable tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensors. (Sensor Intelligent Technology) is a Web-based system that identifies individual TPMS specifications and programs a new sensor in less than a minute. The service tech enters the vehicle VIN number and the faulty or broken sensor serial number into the online programming screen on his PC. The sensor data specific to the vehicle is downloaded and embedded in the sensor. It is then ready to install and there is no need to re-learn the sensor if the tire is replaced in the same position, Myers notes.

New specs are constantly updated so there’s no need to “look up” a sensor by application. There also are no annual fees for updates, program use or support. replaces 85% of OE sensors with a ball joint and snap-in sensor and a metal valve or snap-in valve replacement. Coverage will continually increase and be updated to accommodate new platforms without the need for customers to update their parts or part numbers.

Free optional reporting allows the dealer to track important service information, i.e.; types and number of vehicles serviced. covers all 315Mhz versions for Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan and Honda and is compatible with all TPMS tools – Bartec, Atec, OTC and KTI.

For more information, see the company’s Web site at