Hennessy debuts heavy-duty balancer and lift

March 16, 2011

Hennessy Industries’ Coats brand has launched a new heavy-duty wheel balancer, the 6450-3D, designed to quickly and accurately balance the most demanding heavy-duty truck tires.

The 6450-3D is the latest addition to Coats’ line of direct-drive balancers. It is based on the Coats 6401 model, but also includes several features from the 1250-3D model—the company’s most popular balancer.

Included in the new features are a one-touch automatic data entry system for all three parameters, a Stop and Lock feature that holds the wheel in place until the weight is installed, and an auto-indexing feature that automatically moves the wheel to the next weight position, holding it until the weight is installed.

“The 6450-3D is going to be especially beneficial for high-volume shops with heavy-duty demands,” says Kevin Keefe, Hennessy Industries’ vice president of marketing. “We’ve adapted many of the upgrades and value-added features from our 1250-3D model to create a heavy-duty balancer that’s as quick and accurate as any front-line, high-volume balancer on the market.”

The 6450-3D can handle even larger tires than does the 6401, with a maximum tire diameter of 52 inches, and it comes with an AC vector drive motor, which shaves 20 seconds off a typical 22.5-inch wheel spin. Additionally, the new balancer features a laser weight placement feature that tells the operator precisely where to position Tape-A-Weights.

Coats is also launching a new air-operated lift to accompany the new balancer. The 550 Scissor Wheel Lift attaches directly to the new heavy-duty balancer, making it easy for operators to lift tires weighing up to 500 pounds onto the balancer. The 550 scissor wheel lift can also be retrofitted to COATS Model 6401 balancers.

To see more about Hennessy and Coats, visit the company’s Web site at www.ammcoats.com.