New book on tires covers all the essentials

March 28, 2011

Tire Essentials, a new book by Marvin Bozarth and Brian Lawton, is a compilation of tire information including the latest on regulations, technology, terms and definitions.

The 132-page publication includes sections on tire construction, tire manufacturing and production, terms and definitions, tire technology, tire regulations and recommended practices for new and retreaded tires. There is also a section on conversion tables.

Bozarth is president of Bozarth Tire Industry Consultants and has served as executive director of the American Retreaders Association and as the managing director of the International Tire and Rubber Association. The 50-year tire industry veteran has also served as editor of the Tire Retreading/Repairing Journal.

Lawton is a director at tire industry consultants Newlaw Associates Ltd. in the UK. He is an associate member of the Institute of Materials, Licentiate of the Rubber and Plastic Industry in the UK.

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