3M lead-free wheel weights go the distance

July 26, 2011

The Panamericana Endurance Challenge has ended in world record time. Now the victory "lap" begins.

3M Co. sponsored the event, which started in Argentina in South America and ended in Alaska (see "3m tests wheel weights for 16,000 miles"). It took the three-man team less than 12 days to travel nearly 16,000 miles covering 14 countries, three days less than the previous world record.

“We were able to overcome every weather challenge along the way, and our fueling and transportation stops ran like clockwork,” says Rainer Zietlow, manager of the German car event agency, Challenge4 GmbH.

From Aug. 1 through Aug. 30, Zietlow will drive the record-setting 2011 Touareg TDI Clean Diesel to Volkswagen dealerships across the nation, where interested media and the public can watch a movie about his journey, meet the driver and see the vehicle up close. To see the tour schedule, visit www.3M.com/VWtour.

In celebration of the successful journey, 3M is giving away a free installation of paint protection film (visit www.3M.com/VWtour for registration details). As a sponsor of the Panamericana Challenge, 3M installed its film on the Touareg for the journey. The film withstood flying rocks, bugs, sand and debris to help protect the paint as the team made its way from Argentina to Alaska.

Also on the vehicle were lead-free 3M Wheel Weights, which held strong to help deliver increased fuel efficiency, even tire wear and a more comfortable ride, all while supporting both 3M’s and VW’s initiatives for reduced environmental impact. Learn more at www.3M.com/wheelweights.