Schrader releases 2012 TPMS catalog

Oct. 11, 2011

Schrader International, a global manufacturer of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), has released its comprehensive 2012 catalog of application data for TPMS-equipped vehicles.

With this news, Schrader is the first company to make available important 2012 make, model and year (MMY) and correlated Schrader part information for TPMS-enabled vehicles.

“The process of collecting, validating and delivering accurate application data is essential to the support of our customers – it allows the aftermarket community to accurately service more of their customers and is critical for the installation of Schrader replacement sensors, service packs, and other TPMS-related products,” said Trevor Potter, vice president of Aftermarket, Schrader. “By delivering 2012 application data in-year, we’re enabling our aftermarket customers to stay further ahead of the curve.”

Schrader says its application research process is focused on providing comprehensive, verified and accurate results that will enable the service and repair industry to better service customers. With 54% of global vehicle platforms carrying Schrader TPMS sensor technology off the assembly line, and more than 160 million actual Schrader sensors on the road today, Schrader has extensive access and insight into important vehicle information.

“With over 256 million sensors within 65 million vehicles in North America, aftermarket service and repair facilities will always need the latest, most accurate information on replacement TPMS parts for the diverse vehicle types that enter their service bays,” said Scot Holloway, general manager, Bartec USA LLC. “Schrader and Bartec have not only combined to deliver the Schrader EZ-sensor, the industry’s first patented and programmable sensor solution, but are also working together to ensure accuracy and timeliness in new MMY application data. This updated data is not only available in print-catalog form, but the same 2012 data will be available for update within Bartec handheld TPMS-programming tools as well.”

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