Grismer Tire Gets More Service Estimates Done With Epicor ISE

March 29, 2018

Grismer Tire Co., dba Grismer Tire & Auto Service, has found a tool that is helping the tire dealer create service estimates faster, keep better tabs of its parts orders and improve margins on parts sales.

The Ohio tire dealer is the first automotive service business to deploy a standalone version of Epicor Software Corp.'s Integrated Service Estimator (ISE) solution. Prior to using Epicor ISE, service associates spent significant time looking up parts via multiple catalogs and websites, estimating labor, and contacting vendors to determine part price and availability.

“The most immediate positive impact we have seen using ISE software has come from the ability to find the parts needed for a job from our five primary suppliers, apply the correct labor time and rates, and integrate it all into an estimate in moments, without picking up the phone or utilizing various websites,” says Andrew Stewart, general manager of the Grismer Tire & Auto Service location in Centerville, Ohio. “It’s especially helpful on larger estimates; we can now find all the parts we need in one place. Previously, we had to look up parts on many different websites. We definitely complete more estimates and more jobs on a daily basis with the ISE solution.”

Beyond the significant time savings, Stewart said that the ISE solution has helped the company improve margin on parts sales and drive high-value jobs “for the simple fact that we have immediate and accurate acquisition costs from all of our parts suppliers at our fingertips, which makes it easy to correctly price the parts and, if needed, adjust our markup for higher profit."

The ISE solution simplifies the creation of comprehensive repair jobs by integrating time-consuming processes, including manual parts and labor rates lookups, eCommerce capabilities, creation of an integrated repair estimate, and seamlessly placing parts orders to complete the repair job.

Epicor says the standalone version of ISE is designed to help tire and automotive service businesses expand their range of services, reduce time spent researching parts and labor, and create comprehensive, professional-looking repair estimates, and other business documents without the added expense of a shop management system. Users have immediate access to the information needed to estimate and complete most mechanical repairs and related services—all without picking up the phone.

“The Epicor ISE solution has already been integrated by thousands of tire and automotive service business locations looking to increase productivity at the service counter,” says Stephen Gannon, senior director of automotive product management and product development for Epicor. “With the implementation of ISE as a standalone solution, service providers can pursue stronger growth and improved profitability without needing to rely on a separate shop management platform.”

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