Tire Cologne Showcases Tools for Tire Store Profitability

June 18, 2018

John Stone, who pens Modern Tire Dealer's European Notebook column, didn't cover every inch of The Tire Cologne, held May 29-June 1, 2018, in Cologne, Germany. It just seems like it.

Here are three more of his unique vignettes on the tire industry manufacturers and marketers who attended the show.

A speciality at Haltec: large tire valve systems

Haltec Corp., based in Salem, Ohio, was another leading North American tire accessory specialist exhibiting at Tire Cologne show, where it was promoting the very latest innovations in its tire valve systems, which cover tires to rail wheels and underground mines.

The company has been a leading international influence in the production of specialized tire valves for many years. MTD was informed that samples of their most innovative products, including the Full-Flo and Super Large Bore valve designs were displayed on the booth for close inspection.

Also taking center stage in the booth was Haltec’s speciality Mega Bore tire valve system, which has been specifically manufactured for the increasing popular mining and construction tire sector. It incorporates an impressive flow rate of 25 times faster than large bore valves.

Members of the Haltec sales team in the booth said they were satisfied with the interest shown by visitors in their product range as they continue to establish their trading reputation in Europe.

Backing a global tradition of Quality at 31 Inc.

Ohio-based 31 Inc. has been supporting European tire shows for a number of years, and 2018 was no exception. The company exhibited on the trade show floor of the first Tire Cologne to further endorse its international status as a leading manufacturer of professional tire repair, tire pressure monitoring systems and tire accessory products.

A company spokesperson informed MTD that all the manufacturing process of 31 Inc. tools is monitored and examined to demanding quality standards by the company. He adds “We pride ourselves on offering world class personal service and a very high standard of training as part of our sales program.”

31 Inc. also used the show as a valuable meeting point for existing customers from Europe and around the world.

Tire measurement innovation from Tire Profiles

Although Tire Profiles originally formed in 2008, it was not until five year later in 2013 that Roger Tracey formed the company with David Boyle to provide specialist products for the automotive industry in North America.

In 2014 Tire Profiles launched its TreadSpec brand of products for the automotive and aftermarket segment. MTD chatted with David Boyle in the company booth at the Tire Cologne show, where he told us, “We are here in Cologne to further increase the growing international popularity of our Technology Solutions in Europe, which now include three major brands: TreadSpec, Groove Glove and Groove Glove Fleet.”

All three software brands were showcased at the booth, with TreadSpec specializing in providing a complete tire and alignment diagnostic reading in just one step. As a vehicle drives over the equipment, the software takes care of everything else.

Groove Glove is a unique compact laser-powered tire tread depth and alignment measurement instrument that instantly gives detailed readings. It is lightweight, hand held and wireless, with features such as a "Touch Screen," "Camera" and motion detection inertial sensor.

Another clear message Tire Profiles was determined to announce at the show was that tread depth and alignment measurement can now be handled in one operation through the company’s laser-powered tools. -- John Stone

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