Automotive Distribution Network Adds Safety-Kleen

Sept. 25, 2018

Automotive Distribution Network members can get help managing and disposing of automotive chemicals such as oil and antifreeze through the group's new partnership with Safety-Kleen Systems Inc. 

“The Network’s partnership with Safety-Kleen is a proactive measure to ensure our members and their customers worldwide are collecting and disposing of automotive waste in the greenest way possible in accordance with local, state and federal regulations,” says David Prater, president of the Network. “Most important, Safety-Kleen is capable of servicing our affiliates throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico, reducing our global environmental footprint.”

As one example, Safety-Kleen will collect used oil from Network members, re-refine it and ensure the recycled oil returns to the marketplace without any exploration or drilling. Safety-Kleen focuses on  green solutions for collecting, managing and recycling used oil and other waste materials, reducing greenhouse gases and heavy-metal emissions.

The company has options for everything from oil to paint guns, and Safety-Kleen also has an emergency response team to call in the event of a chemical accident.

The Automotive Distribution Network operates under the brands of Parts Plus, Parts Plus Mexico, IAPA and Auto Pride. For more information, contact Laura Guy at (901) 682-9090 or [email protected].