There’s a New Way to Remove Old Fasteners: the GearWrench Bolt Biter

Oct. 30, 2018

 Removing an old, worn or weathered fastener no longer requires any hammering, thanks to what Apex Tool Group LLC calls an uncommonly simple solution to this common problem – GearWrench Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets.The extraction sockets don’t cut or dig into rounded, damaged fasteners with one-direction spiral blades like other extraction sockets do. Instead, the Bolt Biter is designed as a set of incrementally-sized sockets with tapered, internal flutes. They slide over stripped and corroded fasteners and grip the rounded sides and remove them.

And because the removal process doesn’t destroy the fastener, it can actually be removed and re-installed using the same Bolt Biter socket. GearWrench says that’s a big benefit when working with non-standard parts.

Here are three more benefits:

  • No hammering. The socket is placed onto the rounded, dull fastener.
  • It’s easier to disengage the socket from the fastener once the fastener is removed.                       
  • The Bolt Biter extraction sockets will last longer than sockets that cut into the fastener. GearWrench says the Bolt Biter extraction sockets will last 10 times longer than other fastener extractors.

 “Tool users will tell you the thing they can’t stand the most is losing time when a tool can’t get the job done,” says GearWrench Product Manager Jarrett Wolf. “If time lost is money lost, then time saved is money in your pocket, and that’s what the Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets are designed to do better than any other on the market.

“These sockets address the biggest needs out there while providing a level of durability not typically associated with extraction tools.”

Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets can be used with both hand and power tools. They incorporate a square drive with a hex outer shape for easy use with an impact gun, ratchet, wrench or pliers.