New IB Pulse Tests Battery in Just Two Steps

Oct. 31, 2018

The insights of 2,000 technicians guided the development of the new IB Pulse battery tester from Interstate Batteries Inc.

Cliff Sewing, Interstate Batteries’ category manager of testing, says the company went to the field to find what technicians need in their battery testers.

The result is a handheld tester that easily scans a vehicle’s identification number (VIN) and battery UPC to provide fast, accurate results.

“A typical battery tester might have ten to fifteen steps in the screen flow. The IB Pulse completes the test in as few as two steps. You scan the VIN of the car, scan the UPC of the battery and hit the start button,” says Sewing.

When the test is complete, the IB Pulse displays the Interstate Batteries part numbers that fit the vehicle tested. “I’ve seen no other tester on the market that gives the battery part number,” says Sewing.

Other helpful features include step-by-step battery reset instructions for technicians, the ability to track and test by a technician’s name, and access to the history of test results for vehicles.

Designed with the needs of technicians’ working in confined spaces in mind, the new tester is small, compact and can be mounted on a wall. Sewing notes that the tester has both a touch screen and key pad so a technician does not have to remove work gloves to enter data.Features of the IB Pulse include a lightweight handheld design that can be easily held in one hand; a custom Android operating system with an intuitive touchscreen app, VIN scanner, and wireless communication; a durable Gorilla Glass touchscreen interface and a separate control keypad for use while wearing gloves; stronger clamps with convenient built-in storage; a compact, wall-mountable charger with redundant charging ports; and field replaceable parts to minimize downtime and repair costs.

In addition, the IB Pulse is designed as part of a comprehensive testing program. The company says it pairs with The IB Pulse Hub to share real-time results via a printer or customer’s email to help establish testing locations as helpful experts and grow consumer loyalty.

“Interstate Batteries’ long-term vision is to be the first choice in sustainable battery solutions in every community we serve,” says Scott Miller, president and CEO of Interstate Batteries. “With the IB Pulse, our customers have a powerful new tool to quickly and accurately evaluate vehicle batteries, allowing us to meet the needs of businesses and consumers in a timely way.”

Interstate Batteries introduced its new generation tester at the 2018 Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX). The IB Pulse will formally launch to customers beginning Jan. 7, 2019. For more information about the IB Pulse, visit