Hunter Begins In-House Manufacturing of Collets for Its Wheel Balancers

June 14, 2016

Hunter Engineering Co. now manufactures collets in-house with the installation of a state-of-the-art collet manufacturing cell in its St. Louis-area factory. This cell includes two twin-spindle lathes, induction heat-treating device, laser etching and a machine-tending robot.

Hunter’s dual-taper collets provide centering performance to ensure a better balance than traditional cones. Dual-taper collets are less likely to “bottom out” inside the wheel, Hunter says, and thus guarantee spring pressure for proper centering force. Hunter’s premium BullsEye collet kits provide comprehensive coverage for passenger-car and light-truck wheels.

With the installation of the collet manufacturing cell, Hunter now produces one dual-taper collet every 90 seconds. The new manufacturing cell also performs a 100% bore inspection so each Hunter collet is of the highest quality and will provide optimized centering during a balancing procedure.

Once completed, the dual-taper collets are sent to Hunter’s Raymond, Miss. plant to join the new Road Force Elite and other Hunter wheel balancers before they are shipped to customers.

Watch Hunter’s new collet manufacturing procedure in action:

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