Toyo recalls limited number of Extensa A/S tires

Jan. 25, 2012

Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. announced a "safety recall" of 68,763 Extensa A/S tires on Jan. 25, 2011.

The recall is very specific. It covers size P225/60R16 tires with “Made in the USA” stamped on the sidewall. In addition, the tires were manufactured at the Toyo plant in White, Ga., from the 38th week of 2009 through the 44th week of 2010.

(To identify the date of manufacture, look at the last four digits of the TIN on the sidewall. In this case, the numbers range from 3809 through 4410.)

The company has determined that the limited number of tires in question "may have been produced with a kink at the bead area of the tires."

"Under certain circumstances, the kink may eventually lead to a crack in the bead area, which is near the rim," said Toyo. "Of a crack develops and is left undetected, the tire may fail, potentially causing loss of vehicle control and a crash."

The following model tire is included in the safety recall campaign:

Brand and model: Toyo Extensa A/S.

Size, with load index/speed rating: P225/60R16 97T.

Tire identification number: 73A6H2N3809 through 73A6H2N4410.

Affected consumers will have their recalled tires replaced at no charge, according to Toyo. The campaign expires on May 31, 2012.

For additional information, click on Interested dealers and consumers also can contact Toyo's consumer relations team at (800) 442-8696 for assistance.