Tire Pros dealers gain training

Feb. 13, 2012

The Tire Pros management team recently conducted a national dealer training effort focused on "the changing retail landscsape and the demands that consumers now have."

The eight regional TPU (Tire Pros University) sessions, sponsored by American Tire Distributors Inc. (ATD), were attended by more than 300 Tire Pros dealers.

(The Tire Pros Dealer network consists of 458 retail points of sale, including 150 new points of sale that enrolled in 2011.)

The TPU sessions are an important part of the Tire Pros franchise program, and represent an ongoing commitment to dealer training and education. The topics in the latest round of workshops were “Retail Branding” and “How to Effectively Use Social Media.”

Extensive Tire Pros research into what consumers believe is important when buying tires or service was not only the impetus behind the workshops, but also the cornerstones for the 2012 Tire Pros marketing initiatives. The cornerstones are:

* online appointment scheduling, available 24/7;

* Tire Pros Quick Baysm;

* Tire Pros Quick-Credit; and the

* Tire Pros Nationwide Warranty and Roadside Assistance package.

The underlying platform for these cornerstones is a Tire Pros focus on professionalism and creating a quality tire-buying experience for the consumer, including elements sometimes taken for granted. "It’s about going beyond the basic service level which is critically important in today's highly competitive marketplace," says ATD.

Tire Pros Francorp is a subsidiary of ATD. For more information, visit www.tirepros.com.