There's a New Resource for Your Talent Search:

March 5, 2019

Looking for a go-to source for any career or talent search in the tire industry? Tire Talent Founder Mike Cioffi has created it.

The answer: It's a free job board that both manufacturers and tire dealers can utilize to post jobs, and anyone searching for work can use to find a job.

Cioffi operates Tire Talent, a search firm that's focused on matching employees with employers in the tire and automotive industry. He says he's learned there's a need for one spot to serve as a hub for all job-related searches and openings. He receives weekly inquiries for technicians, counter sales professionals and other positions that fall outside the primary scope of his search firm's business.

Here's how the platform can help:

Tire Dealers and Manufacturers: It's a free turn-key solution to job listings for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to post their listings. (XML Automatic loading feature is in BETA stage. Contact Cioffi if you're interested in bulk loading jobs with daily refresh.)
Industry Professionals: The goal is to make the primary source for finding industry openings all in one place.

Cioffi's firm typically focuses on matching jobs with employees for exempt-level positions, but he sees as a springboard to serving the entire indusry, particulary in tire dealerships and automotive shops where much of the demand is tech-related.

Modern Tire Dealer highlighted that big search for technicians in its February cover story: The Hunt for Technicians.