Terry Clifford Has Lit the Burt Brothers Wholesale Tire Business on Fire

June 7, 2019

Terry Clifford has worked for Burt Brothers Tire & Service Inc. for 20 years, and spent many of those years as a store manager. But in his latest promotion, as director of wholesale, the company says Clifford is responsible for a massive surge in sales.

“Terry does an amazing job of developing relationships with our wholesale and fleet customers,” says Owner Jeremy Burt. “The customers know and trust him because he is out interacting with them on a daily basis, and they know he will deliver a quality product.”

Burt Brothers operates a 50,000-square-foot warehouse in Northern Utah with an inventory of 30,000 tires to supply their 11 retail stores, as well as their wholesale customers. Clifford is leading the charge to stock and sell the company's inventory to wholesale, as well as fleet accounts.

He has 36 years of experience in the tire industry, with the last 20 at the family-owned Burt Brothers.

Burt says Clifford is a front-runner to win the company’s top employee award — an all-expense-paid trip to Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas.

“Ever since Clifford joined our company 20 years ago, he has always gone above and beyond,” says Burt. “We were optimistic when we brought him into the wholesale director position, but he has outperformed even our highest expectations and lit the department on fire.”

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