Here are THE most popular tire sizes

Jan. 20, 2015

What tire sizes should you keep in inventory? That is a question every tire dealer asks himself or herself regularly.

Each dealership has its own demographics; still, unless you are in Cuba, the antique car capital of the world, knowing the most popular sizes on the road today will help you choose your stock keeping units (SKUs).

The two most popular replacement passenger tire sizes in 2014 were (surprise!) 205/55R16 and 215/60R16. Of the other top sizes of note, none were 14 inches or less. And four were 17-inch sizes.

The 49th annual Modern Tire Dealer Facts Issue also organizes the most popular original equipment tire sizes in the U.S. Want to know the top OE passenger and light truck tire sizes that will show up in your service bays? We've got you covered. (Hint: If you stock P215/55R17s and LT245/75R17s, you will not be disappointed.)

And who's helping us with the OE and replacement fitments? None other than the Rubber Manufacturers Association.

The 2015 Modern Tire Dealer Facts Issue does more than just break down tire sizing. It also takes a comprehensive, accurate look at the domestic tire market only days after the year has concluded.

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