Dealers wait, weigh in, on tariffs

July 6, 2015

While the tire industry anticipates the U.S. International Trade Commission’s determination on whether passenger and light truck tires imported from China are harming the domestic industry, tire dealers are waiting it out.

But dealers also are weighing in — by posting comments on Modern Tire Dealer’s tariff stories. And in many instances, the dealers aren’t holding back.

“Horrible decision forced by greedy unions that will only raise the prices of all brands from USA and all other origins sold into the U.S.,” one dealer says. “Backfired. Should be shot down in July. This time U.S. and other non-China manufacturers will line their pockets with more profit while all consumers pay double for their tires. Let the price gouging begin!”

Another dealer notes low income consumers “can only afford a used French (Michelin) German (Continental) since we hit our own companies like Cooper, Goodyear, Kenda.”

But another dealer isn’t feeling too sorry for those domestic tire manufacturers. “American tire manufacturers are salivating at the stupidity of the DOC’s decision. They will raise American-made tire prices just beneath the tariff rates and line their pockets with the windfall. Increase in profits all at the consumer’s expense which the tariff was supposed to protect in the first place. Another touchy, feel-good governmental solution to a problem that did not exist, or at the least is the result of the unions.”

Read more input from dealers here: UPDATED: DOC affirms tariffs, increases rates for nearly all tire makers and here:  UPDATED: One manufacturer's tariff reaction: 'stunned'

So, until the ITC votes on July 14, and releases its decision on July 27, tell MTD what you think by leaving a comment.