American Tire Distributors gets Dynatrac award

Aug. 30, 2011

Double Coin Holdings Ltd. and the China Manufacturers Alliance (CMA) announced that American Tire Distributors (ATD) Dynatrac TBR product reached its 2.5 millionth unit sold.

“This milestone is a reflection of our companies’ continued growth and the overall success of the Dynatrac brand,” says Bill Berry, president and CEO of ATD. “CMA and ATD have a longstanding partnership that began 15 years ago, and we anticipate an even stronger sales growth for both of our companies in the near future.”

Since 1998, CMA has manufactured 45+ SKUs in the Dynatrac brand. This year, CMA is honoring ATD with an award for reaching a milestone of selling 2.5 million units for its Dynatrac TBR products.

“As evidenced in its success, the Dynatrac brand continues to be recognized as an industry-leading high quality product,” says Mike Yang, President of CMA. “By dedicating more resources to private brand needs, we’re continually committed to meeting and exceeding ATD’s forecasted sales growth and anticipate further success with the Dynatrac brand.”

ATD’s delivery infrastructure and 95 distribution centers nationwide have also contributed to Dynatrac’s rapid sales growth. Future development for Dynatrac products will include reducing rolling resistance of the Dynatrac TBR products and adding to the current tire model lineup as more application-specific needs are identified.