Trelleborg adds two new TM600 ag tire sizes

Sept. 28, 2011

Trelleborg Wheel Systems Americas Inc. has introduced two new TM600 agricultural radials. The new sizes are 480/8050 159D and 520/85R46 158A8 (158B). The new additions feature the exclusive TM600 tread pattern that optimizes performance.

“Thanks to continuous research, these new tires and the whole of the Trelleborg TM600 range contributes to lower overall operating costs for the farmer,” says Trelleborg’s Marketing Manager Agricultural and Forestry Tires in the U.S., Andrea Masella. “The unique tread of the TM ranges not only maximizes performance but also increases driver comfort and safety.”

Trelleborg says the TM600 tires demonstrate an excellent self-cleaning capability, ensure high traction with minimum slippage and minimize soiling from field to road. With the incorporation of these new sizes, the Trelleborg TM600 range is now available in 29 sizes from 20 to 50 inches.