Countrywide Adds to RubberMaster Trailer Tire Lineup

Feb. 15, 2018

Countrywide Tire and Rubber Co. has expanded its line of trailer tires, adding new sizes and higher ply options for customers. The company has experienced success with its existing lineup of trailer tires, and Eric Johnson, vice president of operations, says customer demand required even more options.

“More and more equipment is coming out heavier and heavier," says Johnson. "The equipment that people are hauling is getting bigger so the tires need to follow that same pattern in increasing capacity. Lower plys are definitely going out of style. Usually the price difference is only a few bucks and a lot of times people will pay extra to get the higher capacity.”

The new RubberMaster 17.5 and 19.5 all-steel trailer tires feature a shallow tread design that the company says produces better stability and longer tread life. The 17.5 sizes are available with 16 or 18 plys, while the 19.5 sizes are available in 14 or 18 plys.

"We’re seeing an increased demand for stronger ST trailer tires that meet today’s heavy towing demands while still being competitive in price," says Anne Housh, vice president of sales. "Our new RubberMaster 17.5 & 19.5 all steel trailer tires expand our line while creating great growth opportunities for our customers to meet the market demands for these heavy hauling capacities."

The new tires are available through Countrywide’s warehouse distribution or the company's direct container program, LINK.   

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