Kumho Tire Announces Trade Delegation with Louisiana

March 20, 2023

Kumho Tire USA announced that a trade delegation led by John Bel Edwards, governor of Louisiana, visited the company’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea to meet about the recent announcement of a new logistics center investment project in Louisiana and to lay the groundwork for the overall partnership.

Kumho Tire has begun planning for a new distribution center near New Orleans to expand on its supply chain capabilities in the United States. The NOLA Port is an international logistics hub for importing the major raw materials used in tire production.

The delegation, composed of Governor Edwards and Don Pierson, economic development secretary for Louisiana, and his team met with Il-Taek Jung, CEO of Kumho; Seung-Bin Lim, head of global sales of Kumho; and Eun-Sun Lee, head of supply chain management, Kumho.

“We will leverage our strategic location in the US and the distribution center to expand our service coverage and boost our brand value in the global market,” says Jung, CEO of Kumho Tire.

“Continued expansion in the world’s largest tire market will allow us to achieve sustainable growth and development down the road.”

Kumho’s new investment will lead to the launch of the NOLA distribution center in 2026, which is expected to house up to 500,000 tires in the 350,000 square-foot facility.