Cosmo Named Tire Sponsor of Clean Culture

Jan. 9, 2024

Tire Group International LLC’s (TGI) brand, Cosmo, is the official tire sponsor of Clean Culture, an automotive event organizer.  

Clean Culture spans over 25 states and three countries, with each of its events featuring numerous vehicles, entertainment drifting, burnout competitions and more.  

“I’ve seen Cosmo Factory Drivers, Amber Di Giorgi and Zack Calvin, participate at a high level at our drift events and after Zack got me to try a set of (Cosmo) MuchMacho tires, I knew I wanted to bring Cosmo Tires as a partner,” says Nick Terzo, founder of Clean Culture. 

“Clean Culture provides a safe place for car enthusiasts to express themselves," says Tony Gonzalez, CEO and founder of TGI. 

"I am very excited to partner with Nick and his team to drive our brands forward.”