TGI Enhances Cosmo Mileage Warranty, Road Hazard Programs

April 2, 2024

Tire Group International LLC (TGI) has enhanced its Cosmo brand's mileage warranty and road hazard programs.  

The enhancements cover all passenger and light truck products currently being offered.  

“Our products are over-built and tested on the most rigorous tracks and terrains around the globe and this reflects our investment in manufacturing and quality,” says Dominick Montouri, chief strategy officer for TGI.  

“Now, all passenger and light truck tires carry Cosmo’s road hazard and milage warranty, ranging from 40,000 to 70,000 miles. The enhancement includes our world-famous Mucho Macho to the Mud Kicker, all sizes are now included.”  

TGI says it will continue its Cosmo portfolio expansion later this year by launching the new Gripit X/T, Rockit R/T and the premium touring, EV-ready Cosmo Kurrent.  

All upcoming products will be included in the expanded mileage and road hazard program.  

Currently, TGI offers workmanship and a two-retread warranty on its full line of medium truck/bus tires.

“Product development reflects our brand approach - it’s the heartbeat of what we do,” says Joaquin Gonzalez Jr., president of TGI.  “We have a trademark for the heartbeat design in our tread patterns as a visual reminder to consumers that we have the pulse of our industry, and we are on the forefront of what’s next.”