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    Hankook Tire America Corp.

    What Makes EV Tires So Quiet?

    Nov. 16, 2023
    Many electric vehicle owners expect a quiet ride. Tires engineered and built for EVs contain a variety of technologies, including components designed to minimize noise. Tire manufacture...
    Automotive Career Development Center
    'The only change you will embrace is the one that presents itself as something good for you or those you love,' says Van Batenburg (pictured, right.)

    Are You and Your Employees Resisting the EV Movement?

    Nov. 9, 2023
    If you are resisting the EV movement, there are plenty of internal combustion engine-powered vehicles to work on, so you will be fine for a long time — but not forever.
    Photo: Telle Tire & Auto
    “On the sales side, we look for a certain (amount) of revenue” when evaluating a business for acquisition, says Aaron Telle, president and CEO of Telle Tire & Auto, which is based in Webster Groves, Mo. “We really want to see at least $1 million annually. And while the (selling) price has to be right, at the end of the day,” intangibles are a factor in Telle Tire’s evaluation process.

    How Telle Tire Became an Acquisition Expert

    Nov. 8, 2023
    When Aaron Telle became president and CEO of Telle Tire & Auto Centers, the dealership had one store. It now has 23 locations. Twenty-one have been acquisitions.
    Markus Winkler/ Unsplash
    'Investment bankers and leveraged buyout investors in the 1980s adopted EBITDA as a tool for figuring out whether a company had the profitability needed to service the debt that would be taken on to buy the company,' says McGregor.

    What's the Best Measurement: EBITDA or Free Cash Flow?

    Nov. 1, 2023
    EBITDA has become a ubiquitous tool in analyzing businesses. It’s what us investment bankers use when presenting our client’s businesses for sale.
    Photo: MTD
    Salespeople can accelerate trust with customers by asking the right questions at the right time.

    Sales and Leadership: The Art of Persuading Others

    Nov. 1, 2023
    It has been said that convincing someone to buy from you and influencing an employee to produce more than required are similar in nature.

    More content from November 2023

    Photo: Pirelli Tire North America
    “The proliferation of various vehicle drivetrains, especially in the EV segment, (also) has caused growth in passenger tire sizes,” says Jayden Lee, Pirelli Tire North America product manager. “With addition of EVs, (passenger tire sizes have) become significantly more complex as we have to cater to diverse targets and preferences.”

    Passenger Tire Sizes Are Far From ‘Topping Out’

    Oct. 31, 2023
    There are 390 P-metric/passenger tire sizes in the U.S. market. Tire manufacturers and distributors say we're not even close to reaching the SKU saturation point.
    Photo: MTD
    “Our board is passionate about training,” says Keith Jarman, the Tire Industry Association’s new president. “Some would argue it’s probably the most important benefit TIA provides.”

    New TIA President Keith Jarman Outlines Goals

    Oct. 30, 2023
    As president of AME International, Keith Jarman, incoming president of the Tire Industry Association, has a different background than some of his predecessors.
    Michael Touey, Halibut Blue LLC
    'While we can’t make injuries 100% preventable, we certainly can do a lot more than we do currently to reduce the likelihood of an accident,' says McCarron.

    How to Prevent Common Shop Injuries

    Oct. 20, 2023
    What are your risks when it comes to worker injury? Across many tire dealerships throughout the United States, the risks are very high every single day.
    'While tire dollars have risen, service and parts dollars have risen more,' says O'Connor.

    Are You Optimizing Your Profitability?

    Oct. 19, 2023
    If you’ve given a wage increase that isn’t tied to production, you need to seriously consider how this will affect you, moving forward.
    We continue to see retail sellout trends incrementally stronger than earlier in the year.

    Tire Sellout Shows Momentum

    Oct. 10, 2023
    We continue to see retail sellout trends incrementally stronger than earlier in the year.
    Sailun Tire Americas launched its Terramax RT tire in 36 sizes from 17- to 22-inch rim diameters with flotation sizes available in 33, 35 and 37.

    Sailun Covers Customer Needs With New Terramax RT

    Sept. 29, 2023
    Sailun Tire Americas has launched its Terramax RT light truck tire, which focuses on “good traction, good mileage and good value," say Sailun officials.
    “Cosmo is our focus and something we’re putting a lot of capital and effort into,” says Tony Gonzalez, CEO of Tire Group International LLC.

    More Cosmo Stores Are In The Works

    Aug. 31, 2023
    Tire Group International LLC's Cosmo brand is moving into a new space: branded retail stores.