Dealer Groups Offer More Perks Than Ever

May 3, 2023

Delivering increased value to members — in the form of new programs, products, services, payouts and other benefits — will be a priority for many tire dealer and franchise groups in 2023.

In 2023, American Kenda Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd. has increased pay-out levels for tier-two and tier-three members of its Kenda Traction program. Tier-two will receive $2 per tire. Tier-three dealers will receive $3 per tire.

“The quarterly minimum unit level to reach tier-one also has been reduced to 60 tires from 125 tires,” say Kenda officials.

For members of the Hercules Power Program, American Tire Distributors Inc. (ATD) has introduced road hazard coverage on the Hercules Strong Guard ST, “which already provides a 60-month limited protection policy and workmanship and materials coverage,” according to ATD officials.

The Hercules Flex Program “offers marketing support, training, industry-leading warranties and volume bonuses on a wide selection of products,” including several recently added ones.

Members of the ATD Activate group will receive training, “an updated growth bonus structure” and other perks.

And ATD’s Tire Pros program now offers a “turn-key mobile van solution, including sourcing, upfit, training and technology.”

Tire Pros members also have access to “enhanced onboarding, training, learning and development resources for owners, managers and staff,” a nationwide tire recycling program; and a new partnership with WyoTech Institute to help with technician recruiting.

In addition, ATD is “bringing forward a new, alternative general liability insurance solution for Tire Pros owners.”

Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (BKT) officials say the company is “always looking for ways to improve” its BKT Growing Together Associate Dealer Program “and provide our dealers with more lucrative incentives.

“Since 2021, eight additional products have been added to our program. In 2023, we will continue to add more products and review pay-out tiers to better meet our associate dealers’ needs.”

Pay-out tiers “are outlined in (the program’s) enrollment application, which can be obtained through a BKT sales manager or BKT tire distributor.”

“Training and corporate support are the biggest deals” for members of the BTS Partners Program in 2023, says a representative from BTS Tire & Wheel Distributors, a division of Black’s Tire Service Inc.

“Buying group support and potential container programs,” as well as hiring and technical support for BTS Partners Program members, also are priorities.

Representatives from Bridgestone Americas Inc. say the company’s Bridgestone Affiliated Retailer Nationwide Network is designed to help members “capture a larger share of tire demand in their local market.

“We are continually analyzing ideas and developing programs to help our members maximize their profit potential. We introduce new programs annually to help our members increase profit margins and reduce expenses.”

CMA LLC says its Double Coin dealers will see a new dealer portal, an updated website with dealer locator and more in 2023.

Giti Tire USA Ltd. has added two products, the Champiro Touring A/S and Savero HT2, to its GT Radial Smart program, which also offers additional cash reward options.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has added “a new Dealer Elite and Medallion Plus Program” to its Cooper Medallion and Cooper Mastercraft Century programs.

The Independent Tire Dealers Group LLC (ITDG) will add new partner-vendors in 2023 “to help support our members’ growing needs,” say ITDG officials.

“These new programs will be in multiple categories like tires, lubricants, vehicle data sources, etc. We are also expanding our new Cell ITDG, which is our proprietary workers comp insurance program.”

K&M Tire Inc.’s Mr. Tire/Big 3 Tire group now offers additional boost programs.

“Mr. Tire/Big 3 Tire dealers can earn quarterly/annual rewards based on brand purchases” from Goodyear’s Cooper and Mastercraft programs, as well as Sumitomo Rubber North America Inc./Falken, Continental Tire the Americas LLC, Kumho Tire USA Inc. and Yokohama Tire Corp., say K&M Tire officials.

Kumho officials say members of the company’s Kumho Tire Premium Fuel group now have access to the Kumho Solus TA5a, a new grand touring all-season tire.

Maxxis International — USA plans to introduce a new “executive dashboard,” as well as two new passenger tire lines and two new light truck tire lines, to members of its Accelerate program.

Nexen Tire America has extended its Next Level Reach Program for newly enrolled Nexen Next Level dealers.

“We’ve lowered the 100 units required (to join) to 50 units for the first two introductory quarters,” says a Nexen spokesperson. “Doing so gives the dealer the ability to test the product and see the benefits of selling Nexen tires on the Next Level program.”

Nexen also has increased “the pattern payout” for its Roadian ATX and HTX2 tires and has rolled out the Nexen Off-Road Garage for dealerships “who primarily sell” the aforementioned products.

Point S USA members “have access to the proprietary Point S All-Trac platform, which provides streamlined access to customer online scheduling, communication and service bay management,” according to Point S officials.

In 2023, Point S also is introducing “a new marketing approach to complement the growing demands of the independent tire store owner” that will provide insight “for each store’s marketing campaigns.”

Sentury Tire USA now offers the Delinte DX-20 Bandit Crossover, Delinte brand commercial medium truck tires and the Landsail CLX-20 Stormblazer to members of its Delinte D-Shield/Landsail 50K/RH group.

Sumitomo Rubber North America Inc. (SRNA) has two new enhancements to its Falken Fanatic program, including a premium line bonus that enables dealers to “earn an additional $2 per unit on the (Falken) Azenis and WildPeak family of tires,” according to SRNA officials.

Qualifying lines include the Falken Azenis FK460 A/S, the Azenis FK510, the WildPeak A/T3W, the WildPeak A/T Trail, the WildPeak H/702, the WildPeak M/T and the WildPeak R/T.

Also new is the Falken Spiff Program app, which allows users to quickly submit claims, view claims history, check status updates and receive notifications of new promotions — all via mobile devices.

Digital vehicle inspections are new for members of TBC Corp.’s Midas International LLC franchise group. The inspections are integrated into Midas’ point-of-sale system.

“We are extremely excited about our recent integration with Parts Tech,” says a representative from Tire Solutions Installer’s Tire Solutions Inc. Group.

Titan International LLC plans to make several new products available to members of its Titan Strong Seller Associate Dealer Program.

“On the OTR side, we are investing in product development for industrial-rated tires for a variety of applications,” say Titan officials.

“Specifically, we’ve taken several proven product lines that were originally loader-rated and increased ply ratings to the industry’s highest (level.)

“In terms of dealer programs, we’re continuing to strengthen and grow our sales and training programs,” including Titan University, Titan Rewards, Tire Industry Association safety training and “access to our exclusive dealer portal, The Hub.”

Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp.’s Driven program is “open to dealers not currently buying direct from Toyo,” according to Toyo officials.

“Our program offers dealers the opportunity to grow their business and grow their profits. In 2023, an annual catch-up advantage benefit has been added to the Driven program to ensure that Driven associate dealers facing seasonality are able to earn their total payouts on all Toyo purchases.”

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2023, Yokohama Tire Corp.’s Advantage program “will be announcing special promotions throughout 2023,” according to Yokohama officials.

“Yokohama also launches a new Advantage Insider Rewards spiff program for associate dealer salespeople at the start of the year.” 

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