Multi-Mile Maxtris Tour RS II Targets Sedans

Oct. 24, 2023

The new Multi-Mile Maxtris Tour RS II all-season touring tire from TBC Corp. is available in more than 40 sizes, up through 245/45R20. 

The tire has been designed for family sedans and minivans and “combines attractive pricing, long wear, year-round traction, dependable performance (and) a quiet, comfortable ride, with an impressive size coverage,” according to TBC. 

Features include a “technology-driven tread design for superior all-weather performance;” four wide grooves to help evacuate water and slush for enhanced traction in wet conditions; an optimized tire profile for even weight distribution; a reinforced, large shoulder block area that “provides confident cornering capability and handling;” and more. 

The Multi-Mile Maxtris Tour RS II comes with a 60,000-mile limited treadwear warranty and a one-year road hazard protection plan. 

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